The Messages tab provides a list of the sent messages for the current app. This area allows you to interact with your messages, as well as view their results.

To access the Messages tab, click on the name of the app under App Name on the Dashboard, then click the Messages tab.

Message List

Each message in the message list will have one of four states and will show up as a different colour in the list:


  • Draft - Yellow - This message has been saved as a draft.
  • Queued - Blue - This message is in the queue to be sent. It might be sent in the next hour or one year in the future. Note: When sending a message "now" the message will be queued for approximately 10 seconds giving you a small window of time in which to edit or cancel the message.
  • Error - Red - AirBop encountered an error when trying to send this message.
  • Sent - Grey - This message has been sent.

The message list also provides you with some information about the message if it has been sent:

  • Success - The number of devices that successfully received the message.
  • Removed - The number of devices that failed to receive the message and have been removed from your app list. Most likely due to them having uninstalled your app.
  • Updates - The number of devices that have been updated by Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) during the message sending. This usually means that the registration ID of the device has been updated via the Canonical ID.

Message Actions

This message list allows you to interact with your messages in one of three ways:

  • Edit - Edit the message. You can do this before and after a message has been sent. If you edit the message after it has been sent, you can re-send the message.
  • Delete - Delete the message. If the message has already been sent this will simply remove it from your list. If the message is queued, then it will be deleted from the queue and not be delivered.

Send New Message


Pressing this button will bring you to the Send Message screen and allows you to compose a new message.

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