Editing Your App

To edit the details of an existing app in your AirBop account, follow the steps below:

  • From the Dashboard, select the link containing the name of the app you want to edit from the list under App Name.
  • Click the Edit tab.

You can edit the following three values:

App Name

This is the name of your app. This is only used for internal purposes and for you to identify your app when sending messages. It does not need to match the actual name of your application, but probably should.

Java Package Name

The java package name of your app.

Google API Key

Your Google API key, this can either be a server or browser API key. More information on obtaining this value can be found in the Getting Started with AirBop tutorial and in the Obtaining an API Key section of the Google Cloud Messaging: Getting Started Google documentation.


Your AirBop Application Key. This value identifies your app on the AirBop servers and is needed when communicating with the server.


Your AirBop Application Secret. This value is needed to create the x-signature header value when you register and un-register your client app from the AirBop servers.

Delete this app

Following the Delete this app hyperlink will allow you to delete this app from your account. Deleting an app will also remove all the devices and messages that are registered to it. The process is irreversible, so extra care should be taken before completing this action.