Unregister a device with AirBop

Unregistering with the AirBop servers can be accomplished by posting the correct information to the following URL: http://www.airbop.com/api/v1/unregister

Required Headers

A list of the required registering headers can be found in the Authentication for Register and Unregister knowledge base article.

Parameters to Pass to the AirBop Servers

When you attempt to unregister from the AirBop servers, the following information must be sent to the server as part of the "post parameters" or "request body." The request body is sent in JSON format. Examples of how to construct the request body and post to the AirBop servers can be found in the AirBop-Client sample.

The content type passed to the AirBop servers control the format the body will be expected in. The preferred method is JSON: application/json but form URL encoded will also be accepted: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.


The registration ID received from the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) servers as described in the GCM Architectural Overview.

An Example Body

Here is an example of a JSON unregistration body as generated by the AirBop-Client sample:


AirBop Response Codes

Please see the Server Response Codes knowledge base article for more information.

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