Server Response Codes

AirBop Response Codes

The following HTTP response codes can be returned by the AirBop servers. In general when registering, any 400 errors, except for 403, means that you have an error in your code that you should fix before attempting to register again.

200 OK

  • Everything is fine. The device was accepted and/or updated.

400 Bad Request

  • Bad request: missing headers.
  • Bad Request: Missing parameter(s).

401 Unauthorized

  • Authentication failed.
  • Signature is invalid.
  • Request is outside the required time window of 4 minutes.

403 Forbidden

  • Forbidden: Plan device limit reached.
  • This is the only 4xx error that should ever be retried without altering the client code (maybe next app launch). Once you upgrade your plan, it will go away.

422 Unprocessable Entity

  • This means you sent some bad data to our server, that doesn't fit our specs.
  • If your JSON was invalid, you'll get back {error JSON"}.


  • A transient server error. Try again later.

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